Crystin Fawn

singer / writer / composer of acoustic and electronic music

Crystin Fawn, also known as Crystin is a German singer/songwriter & producer. She releases songs as a solo artist, also as one half of the acoustic-band "the sea & the sun" as well as the electronic project "hearhere". To date she has released 5 albums and several EPs, has composed and produced songs for several cinema films like the festival shown "Behind The Curtain" and "Hanami", for theatre (Second Skin Theatre - London - Los Angeles) and various compilations such as the Café del Mar samplers.

In 2008 Crystin received the "Förderpreis Musik/Komposition 2008" of Düsseldorf, a renowned sponsorship award for outstanding achievements in musical composition for young artists.

... Yes, there actually still is some authenticity and sparkle in the music business.

Crystin creates a mysterious, intriguing planet, whose impressive diversity and

filigreed beauty are tantamount to a revelation.

(Dieter Bross - STYLE international)


... At some point I finally started to play Crystin's CD, which revealed not only an

alluringly fresh and unspoiled female vocal but also a beguiling instrumental

arrangement... Every minute is worth hearing. ...

(Hans Hoff - Biograph)