Crystin Fawn

singer / writer / composer of acoustic and electronic music

Crystin Fawn - also known as Crystin - is a singer, writer, composer & producer of acoustic and electronic music. Her musical spectrum ranges from pure solo-pieces - up to deep electronic music - to shiny pop songs. Since 2003 she owns her own music production studios in Düsseldorf, where she writes and produces music also for film, theatre and stagings. She also has 2 bands called Hearhere (electro) and the sea & the sun (acoustic), a lofi-project named Goldin and a piano-soundscapes project called

Absence Of Doubt. She has collaborated and worked with musicians like Fab Samperi, Lemongrass, Thomas Kessler, DE/VISION, the British / German bands Dead Guitars & The Wide, (space in brackets), Michel van Dyke, Hans Steingen, etc. -  and made 2 official remixes for Die Fantastischen Vier. 

"My brother and I are so happy to release our new song "Skin Like Dawn". <3 "

Out on 05.11.2021...

We loved to do this.... so much.. 


Some Songs.... solo / with my brother as the sea & the sun / with hearhere - put together on one playlist......


..probably the essentials!

Amazing to be on a few  lists by fab French composer ByeByeFish. Incl. Run Away, Skin like Dawn, Dark Hello, Best Friend, What Matters amongst jewels of INDIE ARTISTS. <3

A song written and recorded 144 moons ago - finally released. A noisy rock song to celebrate life and making music together again... <3 


03.05.2020 - Release of "What Matters" - the new song of Crystin's band "the sea & the sun"! The shiny indie-pop song will also be part of a compilation called

"What Matters" ( out 06.06)


18.05.2020 - Release of "Message in a Bottle" - a cover version of The Police's classic - dedicated to true encounter and understanding in weird times. The track climbed up the German DJ-charts <3..

30.03.2020 Release of Crystin's new song "Masterplan". It says: "Alone means all one" and this seems to be more valid than ever these days... <3

03.04.2020  Release: "Reflecting Light" is an atmospheric, uplifting indie-pop song - featuring pure piano and funky guitars. dedicated to a  special person.. & u <3 

Crystin's "Seeing Clearly" - out on 27th of September - 2 very special versions w/  fabulous sound architect Thomas Kessler. The song entered the i-tunes dance charts at #42 and is compiled by Minli Music NY.

29.11.2019 - the sea & the sun "Stick Me In My Heart" - out now! "One of the Archive songs my brother and I always loved so very much, so we made a pure redux cover version of it - <3 ..." 

Crystin Fawn has the joy and the honor of having produced the loungy Sundowner-Remix of the hit single “Zusammen“ by Die Fantastischen Vier (feat. Clueso).

 - released also on vinyl -  <3


Crystin's song “Save A little Love“ (Remix of fabulous Fab Samperi) was on the playlist and one of the favorite songs of WDR 5 in September and October. 


In summer 2018 Crystin Fawn had the honor to produce an alternative rock remix of the essentially relevant song "Endzeitstimmung“ by Die Fantastischen Vier.

Happy Release Day 26.07.:

The stunning remixes of Crystin's "Walk Around The World" climbed up the German DJ-charts... <3

... Yes, there actually still is some authenticity and sparkle in the music business.

Crystin creates a mysterious, intriguing planet, whose impressive diversity and

filigreed beauty are tantamount to a revelation.

(Dieter Bross - STYLE international)


... At some point I finally started to play Crystin's CD, which revealed not only an

alluringly fresh and unspoiled female vocal but also a beguiling instrumental

arrangement... Every minute is worth hearing. ...

(Hans Hoff - Biograph)