Crystin Fawn

singer / writer / composer of acoustic and electronic music

Crystin Fawn, also known as Crystin is a German singer/songwriter & producer. She releases songs as a solo artist, also as one half of the acoustic-band "the sea & the sun" as well as the electronic project "hearhere". To date she has released 5 albums and several EPs, has composed and produced songs for several cinema films like the festival shown "Behind The Curtain" and "Hanami", for theatre (Second Skin Theatre - London - Los Angeles) and various compilations such as the Café del Mar samplers.

In 2008 Crystin received the "Förderpreis Musik/Komposition 2008" of Düsseldorf, a renowned sponsorship award for outstanding achievements in musical composition for young artists.

Happy Release Day 26.07.:

The stunning remixes of "Walk Around The World" are out now... <3


New the sea & the sun - EP!

"That's Why" is one of the first songs I recorded with my brother. We always loved this song and now made 3 new versions - We hope you will enjoy the run.  <3 

Crystin Fawn has the joy and the honor of having produced the loungy Sundowner-Remix of the hit single “Zusammen“ by Die Fantastischen Vier (feat. Clueso).



Her song “Save A little Love“ (Remix of fabulous Fab Samperi) was on one of the favorite songs of WDR 5 in September. 



In summer 2018 Crystin Fawn had the honor to produce an alternative rock remix of the essentially relevant song "Endzeitstimmung“ by Die Fantastischen Vier.

... Yes, there actually still is some authenticity and sparkle in the music business.

Crystin creates a mysterious, intriguing planet, whose impressive diversity and

filigreed beauty are tantamount to a revelation.

(Dieter Bross - STYLE international)


... At some point I finally started to play Crystin's CD, which revealed not only an

alluringly fresh and unspoiled female vocal but also a beguiling instrumental

arrangement... Every minute is worth hearing. ...

(Hans Hoff - Biograph)