.... just out ... or out soon: 

  ... The intensely atmospheric soundscapes and the delicate voice of Crystin let you

forget the dreary dat-to-day for one magical moment and transport you to celestial 




... an uncompromising sophisticate meets a soul totally in

touch with nature. Instead of artificial flavour enhancers you get the real thing with

 full nutritional value.




Some releases of the last years: 

Crystin has also collaborated with musicians such as Pete Brough (Twelve Drummers Drumming), Fab Samperi, Mocca, Akmusique, Thomas Kessler (Trancegroove), Lemongrass, the electro project de/vision and the British German band Dead Guitars.  Under different names (for example Goldin or MarLina) she has published several songs on Jazz/Lounge-Samplers.